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Santa is Magic!
Animated.gif  ęKitty Roach.

Christmas trees

Santa and Rudolph
Animated.gif ęKitty Roach.

The Kitties and I have put together some places that we think you might enjoy. Hopefully you will find something within our pages that will add to your Christmas enjoyment.

For a fun time, visit the very interesting site  Christmas at Holly Lane. All kinds of fun and games for everyone in the family!

Santa and his sleigh

Animated.gif ęKitty Roach.

Do you love Christmas games and decorations for your computer? Then you must go here   and download free Christmas games, screensavers, cursors and themes to your heart's content.

Kitties in packages
Animated.gif ęKitty Roach.

We love Kitty Roach's unique artwork, which is instantly recognized by many, many people. If you're looking for a site that has fantastic e-cards to send to your friends, try, which features Kitty's artwork. One of my friends sent me this darling piece in an e-card two years ago and it's always been one of my favorites.


Tuxedo cat blinking

We've had this darling Tuxedo kitty on our fun pages for a long time, but can't bear to take her down now, even though we've tried to put up all new things for the Christmas pages. Go  Here  to interact with the cutest little Tuxedo kitty we've ever seen. We visit this kitty a lot and bet you will too!


Here is a really fun Christmas time waster.    Try it once  and you'll want to do it again!
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Do you like to decorate the tree for Christmas? Do it online at  It's lots of fun!

Christmas trees

Track Santa's Progress Here

Santa waving

Visit Blackdog's Holiday Fun and Games for word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, a large variety of games, and even Kiss Santa!


Action Cat

Action Cat  has long been a big favorite of ours. If you haven't been there yet, you must. Jana's cards capture the personality of the cat like none other.

While there, play  Feed the Cats.

Christmas trees

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Santa in his sleigh with reindeer

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Santa and his sleigh

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