Happy Holidays

Kitties playing with presents

from Jacqlee the Cat Lady

The Kitties and I hope all of you will have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year, full of joy, good health, and laughter.


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Happy Holidays

Sleepy cat in box

In appreciation and gratitude, we are showcasing the amazing work of the talented Lucy Rand throughout our Christmas pages this year. We have been admirers of hers for about four years now and are constantly wondering what she will come up with next. We are always amazed and delighted when we find her latest creation! Visit Lucy   and see what we mean, if you don't know already.


Cats should get gifts, not be gifts.

If you would like to display this graphic on your website, go to our Care Banners page to download it. Perhaps you will find another care banner there that you would like also.



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