Meowy Christmouse

Santa Claus is coming to town!
These are the gifts we have received from our wonderpurr furends. Iffen mew click on their gift, mew can visit their great sites.


from KeeKee, Bambi, Littlefoot, Sara and Auntie Ellie

from Bitsy, Sammy, and the Royal Furmily

from the Noel gang and Meowmie Gwen

from Shamus Blue

CLAW Secret Pals

from Leslie Anne's Secret Pal

Leslie Anne's Secret Pal baked this yummy cookie for her!
We had so much fun trying to guess who it was, but had to wait and find out it was Sassy! Thank you, Sassy for being such a great secret pal.

from Biggie, Peaches, Angel and Pepper

from Scooter Brown

from E.T. and Ginger

from The Highlander Cats

from Moke, Troubie, and Mr. Birdie

from Jordan

from Nancy's Feline Four

from  Kitty the Great

from the Timmerman Gang

from Levi, Maggie and Dusty

from Scully, Spud, Mercury and Fox

From Pepper Mille' Le' Purr

Christmas at Cat Mountain Lodge

Paws for a Cause Winterwonderland


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