Meowy Christmouse

Merry Christmas
We wish efurry visitor and all of our furiends a furry happy holiday season. We hope mew all get lotsa treats an catnip!


Our Christmas card, large version

We are all ready for Santa now and can't wait! If mew haven't yet received our Christmas card by email, just  click here and snag one for mewrownself. It is smaller than this one, so mew can put it on mewr page if mew like.


So where's the catnip? by Izzy

Izzy is becoming the family artist and she made this. Mew can snag it too iffen mews wants to. Meowmy say her jess might let Izzy take ofur. mewhehe


Waiting for Santa

Izzy painted this picture too. Her calls it "Waiting for Santa," which is what we are all doing. We hope Santa puts lotsa toys in mewrown sockies.


Sam da Man's Ornament    Delli's Ornament

Leslie Anne's Ornament    Izzy's Ornament

We got dese purrty ornamints at da CLAW BSKSG/CWLWD/PSPA Winter Party.   Mew should go there and get one fur mewrownself. There are lots of fun things to do there and lotsa purrty decorations.


Click here to send a holiday greeting card to your friends

Don't furgit to check out our Christmas e-cards!


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