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According to Webster's New World Dictionary, an alley cat is: "a homeless, mongrel cat." If you care anything at all about animals, you already know that alley cats are so much more than that! Homeless - yes. Mongrel - definitely, since mongrel simply means "mixed breed." That is exactly why it is so important to spay or neuter - but that's another story.
This ring was started in hopes that it would help polish up the label of "alley cat" that gets attached to defenseless, homeless cats who have to live outside no matter how terrible the weather is or how sick they are. They have to forage for food daily - some days not finding any. Some cats who haven't been on their own for too long are quite clever at finding someone to feed them once in awhile, but far too many must find their own food.
One of my pet peeves is people who loudly proclaim, "That cat can take care of itself." How ridiculous. Then there are the people who throw anything handy at the poor alley cat who just crossed their yard saying something like: "He'll never find a home if you're nice to him." When will we ever learn?
Unfortunately, many "alley cats" are former pets that someone dumped off somewhere, assuming that the cat would find a new home on its own. How cruel. A cat who lives inside with people to love and care for him or her lives much, much longer than an alley cat.
My wonderful cats are former alley cats. If they had been left to live on their own, they probably would not have survived to see this day.
If you would like to help spread the word about what a loving, loyal companion an alley cat can be, then please join the "Alley Cats Need Love Too! Netring."


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