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With so many millions of homeless animals roaming the streets, suffering neglect and abuse, and being housed in shelters, it can be overwhelming to think of the many animals that need our help. Many times a person wants to help, but doesn't know where to start. Perhaps they are on a limited budget and can't donate money; perhaps they are housebound and not able to get out and volunteer their time in a shelter; perhaps they live in a "No Pets Allowed" apartment and can't adopt a stray or shelter pet; perhaps they simply don't have much time to spare and think that they can't do much to help animals with the time they do have.
This ring was started to help spread the word of the many, many ways in which everyone can find a way to help save and protect our precious animals that are being rescued, cared for by foster homes until an adoption can take place, given emergency medical treatment due to disease, abuse or injury. We hope to bring websites together that promote kindness to animals and that support the tireless volunteers who save the lives of our animals and care for them in shelters and in their own homes. Our common goal should be to help support rescue work and to educate the public of ways to help save the animals and stop the suffering.
Millions of defenseless cats and dogs are killed in our shelters and pounds each year. Thankfully, millions more are rescued and given the love and nurturing care that they deserve. We must continually support our rescuers, shelters, foster homes and caregivers. It is up to us to protect the animals that God has blessed us with. Will you join in helping to spread the word of ways that we can all help?


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